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The Adventures

of Jack & Adam



By Anthony Broderick


ISBN: 978-1-911131-21-2


Price: € 8.99






~ About the Book ~


Book two of the exciting new series of ‘The Adventures of Jack and Adam.’


Halloween is approaching and the boys have come to the conclusion of yet another school term. A lot has been learned by Jack and Adam over the past few weeks and they look forward to spending a normal Halloween night in their local neighbourhood. However things take a twist before and during the night that leave the boys in a state of trauma. While they feel happy and secure in their bountiful environment, they unearth a new found respect for someone who has always been central to them.


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~ About the Author ~


Anthony Broderick is a teacher from County Mayo and he loves creating worlds and imaginative characters to fit inside them, with stories and adventures which will provoke thought, show a wealth of determined refinement and demonstrate how not everything needs to be as it appears in the real world.


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