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The Adventures

of Jack & Adam



By Anthony Broderick


ISBN: 978-1-911131-31-1


Price: € 8.99






~ About the Book ~


Book three in this enthralling new series of ‘The Adventures of Jack and Adam’.

Winning isn’t everything, especially when it comes to physical pursuits. Jack and Adam try to enjoy themselves at seemingly wholesome and harmless activities, but soon learn that caution needs to be exercised. There are just some arguments you cannot win outright. Along with learning the value of what they  already possess, the boys soon find that it’s possible for ones they love to be innocently hurt.


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~ About the Author ~


Anthony Broderick is a teacher from County Mayo and he loves creating worlds and imaginative characters to fit inside them, with stories and adventures which will provoke thought, show a wealth of determined refinement and demonstrate how not everything needs to be as it appears in the real world.


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